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    The charcoal certainly makes sense. Like it's been pointed out hospitals use it to absorb toxins in the body. One that my dad taught me was to chew on green pine needles or make tea from it which ever is more prudent at the moment.


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      Originally posted by maric View Post
      I thought charcoal was used to induce vomiting, like when someone OD's or when kids swallow poisons? Is it just the amounts that make the difference? I want to make sure Slowz gets it right, this being his first time trying it and all... :)
      I believe the hospital gives Epicac for poison ingestion to make you vomit then they give crushed charcoal to absorb any poison which did not get brought up in the vomiting. Charcoal is calming to the stomach and has save many lives. Including my mother in law when she forgot that she took her strong medicines and took another dose. It was a total accident but when she started passing out and go severely confused we rushed her to the hospital and that is what they did for her.


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        Originally posted by Kaytastrophy View Post
        I .... Including my mother in law.
        Welcome to the forum Kaytastrophy.

        Things are seldom what they seem.


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          Ive never had to do it but have read crushed charcoal from hardwood ashes added to water can help with accidental poisoning from bad food or water. Im thinking about 1/2 tsp per cup of water.