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  • Plantain

    .... it's not a weed and I'm not referring to the banana lookin thing. From this site an excerpt "Among its many qualities, the common plantain is popular as a healer of wounds and injuries as well as a remedy for most poisons. In addition, the herb is known as a ‘body purifier’ and cleans the system of heat, congestion as well as all toxic elements."

    This site provides a better photograph
    and additional info.

    Things are seldom what they seem.

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    Thank you, interesting information. I see it mentioned it being used as a way to stop smoking.


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      been using it for years as a relief for the itch from bug/insect bites. "blended" into a paste dries poison ivy rash. Mix with a little lavender oil and thicken with bee's wax and it is a great antibiotic for scrapes and cuts.


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        Nice article Oscar Wilde, Thanks for taking the time to get it to the site.
        Best Regards,RangerRick


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          Very cool site. I get very bizarre looks from friends when I'm walking with them through their yard picking Plantain leaves and/or Dandelion flowers. When asked why I just say, "A snack for later. This dandelion flower looks great!" They just see them all as weeds. Breaks my heart.
          Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn, my God do you learn.-C.S. Lewis


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            I like to use the young(before they get big ribs,) leaves in salads. I have also used the dried seed stalks for the chickens. I don't care for the one with the long skinny leaves. Too hairy!!:( Thanks for the site!:)
            There are no emergencies for those who are truly prepared.


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              Originally posted by Mrs. Kilroy View Post
              .... I don't care for the one with the long skinny leaves. Too hairy!!:( Thanks for the site!:)
              Those can be cooked down a bit to eliminate the fuzzies.

              Things are seldom what they seem.