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Lyme Disease-- Multiple strains, multiple degrees of misery...

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  • Lyme Disease-- Multiple strains, multiple degrees of misery...

    Some people have little trouble with tick-borne Lyme Disease, other suffer badly.

    Aside from vaccination issues, there seem to be many 'variables' in play. Here's a study which indicates some of the differences are down to multiple 'strains'.

    Sequencing of hundreds of bacteria samples from Lyme disease patients helps explain symptom differences
    A large team of medical researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S., working with pair of colleagues from the University of Ljubljana, in Slovenia, has sequenced the genomes of several hundred samples of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.

    Reference: Open Access !!
    Whole genome sequencing of human Borrelia burgdorferi isolates reveals linked blocks of accessory genome elements located on plasmids and associated with human dissemination
    Author summary Different genotypes of B. burgdorferi have been associated with different rates of dissemination, but the genetic basis of these differences is not known. We report the genomes of 299 B. burgdorferi isolates from patients with Lyme disease. We find that whole genome sequence (WGS) type A isolates are a genetically divergent group of isolates characterized by an enlarged pan-genome, an expanded surface lipoproteome encoded on a unique set of plasmids, including lp28-1 and lp56, and increased rates of dissemination. Using genome-wide association methods applied to the B. burgdorferi pan-genome, we identify loci associated with dissemination. The near-clonal nature of B. burgdorferi populations means that relationships of individual loci to dissemination are relatively weak after adjusting for the lineage structure among the isolates, implying that experimental studies and larger cohorts are needed to identify the causal alleles within a lineage mediating these effects. Across the isolates studied, an increasing number of surface-expressed lipoproteins was associated with an increased probability of dissemination in humans. The results underscore how strain-specific genetic variation—particularly among surface lipoproteins located on plasmids—is linked to the phenotype of human dissemination. More broadly, this approach provides a foundation for future studies linking spirochete genotype to the diverse clinical phenotypes of Lyme disease in humans.

    The current shifts of weather and habitat, especially burned-over woodland turning to thick scrub, may put a lot more people at risk of Lyme-bearing ticks: Due Care, Please ??

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    If a shot of antibiotics is needed? Be certain to ask if it was diluted with saline solution.

    And yes, I'm speaking from experience.