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NEW EDITION - Survival & Austere Medicine - 3rd Edition

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  • NEW EDITION - Survival & Austere Medicine - 3rd Edition

    the newly revised and edited edition of one of the better first aid manuals is now available ....

    ******* FREE DOWNLOAD *******

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    bump - weird freaking forum system - new topic posting won't come up for "new postings" .... ??????


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      I'll read it when it's cold outside next week.


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        Same here. It is really cold out. Can't remember when it was in the teens here at night. Today was the warmest day at 46 degrees and then back in the 20's and low 30's for all of next week. Keeping hubby indoors for the week. This cold is not good for him with his heart problems.


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          Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
          I'll read it when it's cold outside next week.

          manual is up to 600+ pages now with this latest revision - she's a chunk of reading ....

          the hardcopy is coming out soon - usually fairly economical for the content .....


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            Just downloaded it. Glad to have that. Thanks!
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              Just gave it a quick view. It seems like great information to have, but will take a considerable amount of time to read. Maybe better to download, print, and keep with a BOB.
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                Just downloaded it. Seems like a great manual for non medical personnel. Thanks for the post Illini Warrior.

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                  Thanks for the link. Downloaded and will start leafing thru as time permits. Looks like a wealth of info.
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