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    How old are they and have you pulled them out recently as a lot of the medications/ preparations do go bad. I've got old IFAK's where the bottle of iodine and other things dried up. If you have things like alcohol wipes, betadyne/ providone wipes etc will dry out in their little pouch and be useless.

    This brings up a good topic, making sure we all pull out our first aid kits each year to go over them and check things. Replace the little cheap things like alcohol wipes and every few years think of swapping out and meds like ibuprofen, triple antibiotic, etc...
    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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      I don't keep wet wipes in my first aid kits, they are kept separate because we use them on a regular basis and they are replaced on a regular basis, painkillers are stored separately too, we keep a small stock in the car which is replaced from the main stock as it gets used up.


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