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Friend with one leg needs help bugging out?

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    Purpose of question is does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to deal with problem of getting him home if all the plans we've made go awry? Zombies can take what we have and leave him alone with nothing but crawling home as an option. He would do that. I am hoping we can get some ideas on what options we or he may have at that time if we are still alive. Aside from the travois mentioned earlier, we've thought of and considered and are trying to implemnt all these into our plans. But they are all for nothing if we are attacked, somehow survive, but are left with nada.


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      Originally posted by Illini Warrior View Post
      Well, first off your friend isn't bugging out - he's getting home post SHTF .... there's a big difference there .... the first question needs to be - is your friend better off staying in the work area and a refugee center or trying to get home under adverse travel conditions? .... is he gaining anything by going home? ....

      In regard to alternatives .... do you commute with him? .... his travel problem may occur part way home - unless you are there and he's equipped with that alternative travel device - the discussion is somewhat moot ....
      True. I used incorrect term. We will be trying to get home. Refugee center? Left in government control? I would never consider that. Don't believe he would either. Gains everything getting home. Lose it all once trapped in refugee center. If it is truly a shtf scenario. We both have families who depend on us. I Don't commute with him. But I will get him home if something happens. I'll most likely be there. That is exactly why I'm asking questions. Even if he has alternative travel device, we will not be immune from someone attacking us and destroying or taking it. After that if we are still alive, that is what I am pondering and asking for ideas on. I do appreciate all the input from all of you. I suspect I did a terrible job of specifying exactly what I was asking. I apologize for that. Thanks.


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        One other possibility is a push cart. How much does he weigh?

        With the help of yourself and others he could be pulled/pushed in something close to a deer cart. He could keep heads up (Security) while you push/pull him home.

        Again I think you need to look either at a new job close to home, or a new place to live near work. I now think it should be with in 1 mile; now that I thought about it. Others who might help him out normally, but they could need to go do to their own priorities.


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          In a real post melt down SURVIVAL situation HARD decisions must be made.
          My fiance is legally blind, her 42 year old daughter is schizophrenic,
          Really fubar schizophrenic.
          In a shtf reality the daughter has zero place in my plans.
          She's a liability. My fiance????????????? Well she can't drive, cook, chop wood,
          shop, forage, shoot, I said HARD decisions.
          Love???? Ya just can't eat love now can ya.
          I have 4 grown adult children, and my grand children to look out for and teach.
          They can listen and learn and are able bodied and they will help, learn, or starve.
          Hard decisions indeed.


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            My friend has since retired. So that is no longer a problem.I can probably get myself home in couple or three days traveling by foot. There is no one but her depend on me. If it comes to it, I'll stand there and fight to my last breath protecting her. She may be a liability. But I'll never abandon her. Of course, I have no one else to be concerned about either.


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              I DO admire you for your values and desire to help one who can't do for himself.
              A disappearing quality these days.
              I just couldn't abandon my fiance because she can't see very well.
              Not 100% blind but "legally blind", ergo can't drive but can see the t-v if close
              enough and can attend movies in the 4th or 5th row from the screen.
              Sadly her schizophrenic 41 year old daughter is flat out dangerous in good times
              and would be way too much trouble in bad times.
              Let her perverted boy friend care for that one.


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                I completely understand about the schizo daughter. You likely would not be
                able to help her anyway. And her symptoms would probably endanger the
                entire group.

                and of course each of us has a different set of issues we have to make tough decisions on. In the end we must protect those we can. And separate ourselves from those who are detrimental to surviving.

                All of us including myself should never judge someone else decisions. There may be a lot more going into that choice that we will never know or understand.


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                  A major SHTF event is a thinning of humanity event. Only the lucky will survive. You can be the most prepared, healthiest, strongest, smartest individual on the planet, yet, all it takes is one small turn of events to ruin your existence here on earth.

                  Consider this.......

                  In 1991, a group of SAS troopers were dropped into Iraq. Bravo Two Zero. SAS! Best trained special OPs dudes on the planet. They were compromised and had to scoot early in their scout operation. They fought like mad dogs and walked over a hundred miles. What got two of them?


                  Best trained, best equipped. Had a plan. Yet....DRT. (dead right there)

                  So, make your decision, morally or immorally, to save yourself and/or your family members. The reality of it is that there is no guarantees to things working out.

                  Sorry for being such a downer this morning, I'm just trying to be real.

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                  I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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                    Being real is what prepping is about.
                    I appreciate reality.
                    Unlike snowflakes that live in a fantasy world.
                    "it won't happen to me"
                    "it can't happen here"
                    "those OTHER poor folks"
                    "Prepare? For what?"
                    "Why do you have so much ammunition? Gonna start a war?"
                    " I'll never own an evil gun."
                    " I'll just call the police to save me."

                    And so many other deadly notions.


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                      when my daughter was in prolonged surgeries, we modified a deer hauling cart to carry her in. Since then we've shuffled it a bit for carrying gear. Perhaps your friend could use something like this?? Small, portable, not ideally suited for rough terrain, but in a pinch this would give him great mobility and likely he could move fairly quick. Lots of other options similar to this. Good hunting.
                      The Hobby Horse was one of the first two wheeled modes of transportation before direct drive pedals were placed on the front wheels and eventually chain and sprocket like the bikes today. I blew
                      Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


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                        automatic motor bike like a c70 or a hand gear change scooter like a lambretta or a vespa.


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                          One problem when the power goes out the food will be gone within a day or two. after that the local livestock including horses will be used as food.