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Aloe Vera plant (uses,long term storage?)

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  • Aloe Vera plant (uses,long term storage?)

    Growing up my grandmother had an aloe vera plant she used Often for us kids scrapes and stings. What are any other uses and can you take a "leaf" off and package it for longterm, bug out ,etc. ?? Thank you all in advance for your input! SHTFnTX

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    Originally posted by SHTFnTX View Post
    .... can you take a "leaf" off and package it for longterm, bug out ,etc. ??
    TX, Aloe vera is commercially available in liquid and gel form all touting health benefits. Here is a bit of info that might be helpful

    There are other plants that require little care on your part, are prolific but seasonal and provide medicinal benefits and relief from injuries. Plantain and Burdock are just two that come to mind.

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      I have this plant and every year we get babies that we can transplant to new pots. The older they get the bigger the leafs become. snip a leaf near the junction of the stem. You can store it in a jar or plastic bag in the ref. We use it for insect bits, sunburn, skin burns, itching, and help heal cuts and scratches.

      PS works on pets skin too.


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        Aloe Vera multiply faster than rabbits you should not have any problem keeping some around for future use…I know I have tons of it growing.Click image for larger version

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          All- Thank you for your input. How long would the leaf of a plant in a airtight vacuum seal bag in what temp ranges?


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            The Apaches used it as a soap and a shampoo. Just a couple more things to make it more useful.
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              You can use aloe vera juice and gel for hair hair. And you can drink it, I drink natural juice now and then cause it's supposed to ave so many health benefits., I make it at home from plant, the taste is too bitter so I usually mix it with some other juice.


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                It is great for burns. Takes the sting right out of it. It is a great item to have for long term. I keep a plant in my kitchen.


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                  Originally posted by SHTFnTX View Post
                  Growing up my grandmother had an aloe vera plant she used Often for us kids scrapes and stings. What are any other uses and can you take a "leaf" off and package it for longterm, bug out ,etc. ?? Thank you all in advance for your input! SHTFnTX

                  So it seems that no one has really answered your question, even though they are right in the fact that aloe will grow faster than weed, but for it is not suited for most climates so ICE here is 2 ways to preserve your aloe!

                  1- make a salve - using bees wax and stable oils, squeeze out the juice from the aloe and add it to balms, rubs, salves, hair products deoderants etc. Do not make salves "multi purpose" make 1 for each use

                  2- can the liquid- by pressing the liquid from aloe and then water bath canning or pressure canning you should be able to keep aloe for up to a decade and still keep a fair bit of its medicinal value

                  I hope this helps!


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                    I accidentally burnt 2 finger tips on the muffler of a hand held leaf blower 2 weeks which i got a aloe vera leaf from someone. And used it untill i figured the burns are heeled enough.I've gotten 2 plants.since next buy.will be the cream/gel with aloe vera in it.that'll go into my 1st aid kits.while the plant stays outside during the summer. And inside during the winter. And of course.di# size band-aids,for diff size needs.i'll be using the store bought gel with aloe,that i already have.just to make sure it don't become none effective.ive started doing web searches on diff use's for it..and diff ways to always have whats needed on hand at the same time.Here's links to what i found.

                    Over 400 species of aloe are found in the wild, many of which boast distinct health benefits. Here we show you the benefits of 13 of these.

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                      We live in the forest and garden. To attract bees to pollenate, we planted flowers. Two recent uses of Aloe Vera was the wife was stung, Aloe Vera did the trick. It works quite well on burns also.