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Where to start when learning edible plants??

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    Definitely something I want to do. IMHO this is one of the most valuable skills you can have.
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      It always been my practice to learn as much as I could from the local community because they are the folks who live there and their entire wellbeing are so connected to the local environment thus making them the best source for information and practical application of the local plant's, medicinal herbs, venom & poison application, etc. However in general I was trained by an instructor who himself come from hunter-gatherer community


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        I reread this thread and can give one more piece of advice.

        ALMOST every county has some type of agriculture adviser or agent that not only has local knowledge of what plants are usable in the local area but can give advice about land management, soil testing, and what grows well in the local area.


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          Originally posted by maric View Post
          Ok, I have often admitted that I know squat when it comes to edibles. Ive done a lot of reading today, that encourages us (duh) to know what plants are edible in our area.

          What are some ways to help someone starting out? Should I try to find a local book, or anyone have any ideas? I have often thought of ordering some wild edible cards, but do those cater to your local area??

          Im stumped here, and I know so many of you are wiz kids at this!

          Advice appreciated!!! And remember, Im really new at this, ok.. so a edibles for dummies explanation is absolutely necessary!! :)
          dont expect them to feed you unless you do several things. Transplant them or get the seeds and plant them near to your base. Splice into trees for grafts of fruit and nut trees. If you have to traipse all over hells half acre to get them, you'll burn more calories than they give you. Also, you'll have to juice the greens, or you;'ll get the raging trots before you get enough calories to not starve to death. There's a lot of toxic look-alikes. Mushrooms, in particular, aint worth learning more than half a dozen varieties. the calories just aint present.