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    the dandelion can be eaten all year long it get alittle tough later in the year also alittle bitter the trick to that is ot boil it 2-3 times dumping all the previous water out and starting with fresh water each time add alittle butter or vinegar and that's some good eatens


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      Originally posted by troubled troubadour View Post
      Makes good wine too.
      It dose make very good wine or vinegar...
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        I prefer Dandelion raw and like other herbs and vegetables that is the most nutritious way. Heat tends to be a bad thing.


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          My dad is an old Italian farmer who grew up in post war a result I grew up eating some weird of my favourites is dandelion...get an old knife...find them n just cut into the ground pull the whole plant...when we get a 5 gallon bucket full we clean them....split them in 4 ...cut off the cotton pull the leaves....throw away any stem or budding in the spring before the yellow flower here is the trick...if you have a very cold winter...leaves are fresh tender n young...use them like a salad....we fry up thick skinned bacon with onions...pour balsamic vinegar and olive oil on them...salt n paper add your bacon n onions once they cool....if we collect them in an area where plants didn't die over the winter ( bigger tougher leaves) we clean them same as just flash boil them...we then put them away in zip lock bags n freeze them...too cook we fry them again with bacon n onions n serve them with a boiled type f salami we make with the left overs front butchering pigs for the way we also eat salami cured with salt only no curing agents... n we aren't dead yet...I use to hate dandelion as a kid now I can't wait for spring cause of them...a side note my city dwelling eats weird crap we make n is a complete convert