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REALISTIC food-getter in the wild.

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  • REALISTIC food-getter in the wild.

    fish are the way to go and netting is the way to get them. used as a seine and baited net traps, 2 lbs, $40, 1000 or so sq ft of 2" mesh monofilament netting can feed you pretty well. If the water's too cold to wade in, make a raft. If you strip naked, and use dry debris inside of the mylar bivvies, you can handle some pretty cold water for many minutes. have a fire going, hot rocks and coals buried in the ashes, right on the shore, with your dry clothing When you get to shivering, hustle over there and get warm and dry, Repeat as needed.

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    some snares, some mouse and rat traps, some leghold steel traps, some trotlines, some Rotenone fish poison, some bird lime will go a long ways towards feeding you. Ditto a silenced, shorty AR-15 in 223 with 60 gr softpoints, a .22lr conversion unit, subsonic 22 ammo, nvd goggle and day/night scope, and bait. Peanut butter is a very good bait for almost any animal or bird. Animals are much more easily shot at night, from a baited tree blind than in daylight. But you have to brain them if they are of any size, unless you have snow to help you track the wounded critter. If they make it 50 ft into thick brush at night, you can lose them.
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