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how can i drink filtered river water?

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  • how can i drink filtered river water?

    hey guys,
    did anyone of you make experience drinking river water?
    i was recently on a longer hike and the river where i was seemed very clear but i did not really dare to drink from it
    i thought about getting a professional water filter and found this one here
    has anyone made experience with water filters?
    should i order it or would a coffee filter do it also?
    thank you

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    That looks alot like the Life Straw ,
    It's ok , but you have to use it like a Straw which is really inconvenient .

    I do alot of Hiking / Backpacking and I like to use the Sawyer Mini or Sawyer Squeeze
    I would highly recommended one of them. You can use the bag that is included with it to put the dirty water in and then filter it into your own water bottle or jugs .

    Another filter that is real popular now is the Katadyn BeFree filter.
    It is supposed to have alot better water flow than the Sawyer Mini , but I have never personally used it so I can't say for sure.

    Just my own opinion.


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      I use a sawyer mini, it comes with a bag but the bag is hard to fill, I carry a water bottle to stick in the river, then fill the bag. Just easier. Ive filtered rivers, lakes, muddy streams... never an issue. I usually have a couple in a ziploc bag with my camping stuff, if the water is really cruddy you can plug one up and it turns into a real workout to squeeze the bag. I prefilter with a shirt or rag or bandana if the water source is really bad. Just whatever I have on hand. Im usually making coffee, or soup or something, so it gets boiled anyway. Really though, the squeeze or mini work great, the lifestraw is a pain, unless you are at a spring and can put your knees on a rock and bend over to sip. Muddy river bank in 32 degree weather, that sawyer mini is the bee's knees, you can scoop up a pot of water, and not get your shoes/pantlegs soaked and filthy.


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        Got a feeling that's spam trying to hawk these things...

        Do you want to potentially trust your life to some no name, untested look alike product to save a few bucks? And for the $20 they want you can get a Sawyer Mini which I've used myself for years without ever having an issue. So buy a Sawyer or LifeStraw or one of the bigger hiking purifiers like Katadyn, MSR, etc or go with a Berky for your home. Quality is critical in how a purifier is put together to ensure there are not internal leaks to allow creepie crawlies thru. So how much do you value your life?
        I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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          Sure, filter it any which way you dare, but boiling a 'billy' for long enough to cook an egg is probably the only way to be sure, to be sure. A small 'Volcano' or 'Kelly' hollow kettle would be ideal. Remember, if at significant altitude, you'll need a pressure cooker to zap any extremophiles...

          There's also the 'classic' option of using alcohol content to kill the bugs, which is why 'small beer' was long the drink of choice. IIRC, plan_B is to dilute cheap wine 50/50 and stand for 20 mins or so.