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  • Huckleberries

    collected enough of these berries this year to make just under 50 jars of jam. I find these berries all over the Rocky Mountains of B.C. And north west US states. Other types of huckleberries can be found along the coast of the pacific north west. In my area elevation 3200 feet I start finding them middle of July and start finding them higher elevations beginning of August to end of September. I collect the black huckleberry type that are high in vitamin C and good for making jams. The red huckleberry type I've heard of people using for fish bait in streams and eating. I unfortunately never got any pictures this year but are easy to find on google. Hope this helps people to get out and find this tasty resource. Beware of the Bears while picking as they love these berries.

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    Always interesting to be picking berries, especially Saskatoons, and suddenly seeing a bear harvesting berries too. Lol