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    you may think that growing weeds is a crazy idea, i mean they are weeds right? they grow without any help. problem is the ones i grow are edibles and medicinals. yes they grow all over the place. but, theres the issues of private property, pesticides, weed killers, ect. i grow things such as stinging nettles for food and medicine. i grow yarrow. great for just about everything. jewel weed i grow next to my water barrels.purslain grows in my raised beds along with vegetables, i grow a lot of weeds. weeds i eat or use as medicine on a every day occurrence. weeds i know work. weeds i know are good to use.i can up stuff like lambs quarters. why? its a weed right? well lets just call it spinach that dont bolt, thats bug resistant all on its own, handles frost well, and grows bigger and faster.and it tastes...just like spinach. just as good for you too! survival dont have to be survival once you learned your surroundings. i call it living. anyone else grow weeds on purpose?

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    No but I want to identify what weeds will grow here in Florida.


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      I think we might have some of those here in VA, but not sure how to identify them. Something I still need to learn.


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        "No but I want to identify what weeds will grow here in Florida." may i suggest the Petersons field guides for the eastern united states.theres a part in both the medicinal and edibles guides that deal with Florida. great couple of books.
        Applejack, yes you do have all of them i mentioned. i do a lot of foraging as well. i know my surroundings.ive been studying plants here since i was very young. know what works for cordage, fire, making fire, dyes, food, medicine, textiles,ectect. i pretty much grow a medicine chest right out my front door.dry it all for the winter. sometimes ill make infusions, salves, balms, but mostly teas as washes and ones you drink.and poultices.its very good to know, just in case when shtf wally world dont survive the storm.


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          There is also two card decks I recommend that Tyron State Park carries, although you can probably find them elsewhere.

          They have Eastern US and Western US sets... And out of all the card decks I have seen, I like these ones the best. Thayer has also written a good book I approve of. Sam wrote some stuff for me once. He does know his stuff, and I recommend him to my classes.



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            I don't go out of my way to grow weeds, but if they are there, and I pull them, if it is something I like, I will have them. Generally out my front door is Crown or BLM land.

            Some of the ones I have utilized or played with over the years:
            - salsify, it does taste like oysters. I loathe oysters, so I don't take them often - chicory, bitter. Flowers good in salad. I have roasted the roots and ground for coffee as an experiment

            - licorice fern, something i always nibble on when hiking. Vicks44 cough syrup tastes like black licorice due to licorice fern originally being the flavoring for it

            - lemon balm, grows wild all over along creeklines here. Teas for me. I also can bait bee boxes with them

            - cattail. All parts can be eaten at one point or another. I have made flour from the roots. Pollen in pancakes, young heads like corn on the cob (but real corn is much better)

            - two of the three kinds of plantain. Broadleaf and goosetongue, but I don't know enough about rattlesnake plantain. Cook it in stew/soup

            - rosehips I make into the WW2 British syrup for vit c ( each year I do a January food challenge for a month, and a couple years ago I did the British war rations for a month)

            - blue elderberry, into syrup, for flu season. I make 5-8 pints a year... Except this year *cries*. I also usually dry flowers for upper respiratory issues.

            - nettles are actually one of my favs in a quiche. I also dry them for migraines.i am achandspinner, so I of course had to try to make cordage out of it. Not much, but next winter ( not this year) I want to figure out netting, which has been on my 'to do list' for five years.

            -dandelion roots are my favs. Like parsnips in a way... And I could eat a truckload of parsnips in a day I think. My mom had a large semi truck load of barkdust which sat for awhile, so getting dandelion roots was easy peasy out of there. I have made dandelion wine when I was in BC. It is a startling green for a couple days, but then turns a lovely faint pale gold. I do not drink, but had a sip and it was good. I do not care for the leaves.

            - Wild highbush cranberry which grew on my place in Canada, but I will buy and plant on my new place in Oregon.

            - Bull kelp. ,which I can get from the coast here, although I question the contamination in the water. But I power the blades. Sometimes make kelp chips. I have heard a long time ago to slice the stem, wash it in fresh water a few times, dip it in honey and dehydrate and it tastes like dried pineapple. I have not attempted this yet. All seaweeds are edible, pending texture you can handle... And one poisonous one in the Caribbean somewhere.

            - bladderwrack, another seaweed. These are the only two I use. This one will thicken soups.

            ​​​​​​those are my main ones, other than like berries and such. I taught classes for awhile, but I only know PNW plants.


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              Originally posted by kaz View Post
              i pretty much grow a medicine chest right out my front door.dry it all for the winter. sometimes ill make infusions, salves, balms, but mostly teas as washes and ones you drink.and poultices.its very good to know, just in case when shtf wally world dont survive the storm.
              Kaz - I know u mentioned the Petersens guid for plant ID but I'm wondering if there is a book/ guide on medicinal's you might suggest? I know a lot of wilds can be used or applied in different ways for different effects & remedies. It just seems like there are a load of books out there and some seem way over my head when I've looked at them. I'd like to get one to start studying up and comparing to the trove of things growing here wild and to determine what uses they have and which ones I might need to focus on here. To be honest my yard is a treasure trove of things like dandelion & plantain but I'm not really sure on when they can be used and for what beyond being edible.Thanks.
              I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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                Would like to find a good book for beginners on this. I figure start out slow and would up. There is so much on this it really is hard to grasp.


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                  Don't get one book, get three. And I'd advise those books have different publishers as well. Study them in all seasons before munching on them, except for ones you can't mess up with anything else, like wild/feral lemon balm, licorice fern, sheep sorrel. This is why I only harvest like four kinds of wild mushrooms... Livers are just too dear.

                  Don't overlook your local library either
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