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    According to the information of the Internet (Wikipedia), there are several types of rations in America:
    - weight from 1 kg to 2.5 kg,
    - energy value from 1000 calories to 4000 calories,
    - contains conservants
    - different: army, for tourists, for survival in nature, for disasters and so on ...
    - Each of these dry rations can be high-grade, dietary ... kosher or halal
    I'm not sure that I understood this correctly.

    As for the Russian dry rations, in Wikipedia, even in the Russian version, complete nonsense is written. In addition, even in Russian forums, the survivors are also written incorrectly, people write who never used such a ration.

    In fact, the principle of the formation of Russian dry rations is taken from the Soviet and is called a "double assignment".
    All goods in the Soviet Union that can be used in extreme situations (cars, radio stations, inflatable boats, camping equipment and food) were produced:
    1. According to the state standard GOST
    2. created the main "brand" STANDARD - a standard model,
    3. created many options in which the main STANDARD is added or reduced capabilities.

    Thus, compared to the American variety of dry rations that contain completely different food products, there is one standard set of products in Russian:
    - weight 1.7 kg, energy value 3500 calories
    - no conservants
    - is designed for 1 person for meals during the day
    - For the army, spetsvoysk or tourists - the basic composition of products is preserved,
    To which other products are added or removed.

    Here is a STANDARD dry ration:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	bag01.JPG Views:	1 Size:	90.4 KB ID:	209542

    1. dried-dried fish
    2. drink fruit and berry concentrate (cherry, raspberry, strawberry)
    3. bitter chocolate
    4. multivitamin
    5. tablets for water disinfection
    6. knife and three spoons
    7. tea bags
    8. fat salted can salted
    9. apple jam (actually not 1, but 3 kinds - apple + plum + peach)
    10. The heater is portable (dry + metal platform)
    11. Chewing gum (Russians laugh: why is it needed?)
    12. breads (biscuits)
    13. beef stew
    14. instant coffee
    15. puree of apples
    16. goulash with potatoes
    17. salt, pepper
    18. Rice with chicken and vegetables
    19. Cream cheese
    20. tender pate (canned sausage)
    21. disinfectant wipes
    22. Sugar
    23. caviar from vegetables
    24. Minced meat special
    25. Waterproof matches
    26. Cream

    In comparison with the Soviet, I personally consider the modern diet to be insipid.
    Since before it was produced according to the state standard GOST, but now everything is much simpler.
    However, in the forest there is always a good apetit

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    Who has the most experience away from home that are not military? Hunters and fishermen! Find out what they take into the woods to survive on.

    Most will be the most basic items that they make into dishes they like, and will eat time, and time again. This includes flour, rice, sugar, and meat jerky.

    Out of this they will make their daily bread, rice with meat, and fine things in the woods to supplement their basic supplies.

    That is who you need to talk to about rations.


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      Mister, I want to lead the discussion ..

      In addition, I perfectly know the products for survival that are used in the Soviet Union and Russia, since I served in the Border Troops 1985-1987.

      I'm wondering what you're buying in America.


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        There are several companies that make and sell " Survival " food. Here are a few links.

        These would all be similar to the MRE ( Meal Ready to Eat) that you described. They are very popular with hikers and campers.
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          if you look over the website you might get some of the answers you want ....


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            Guys, thanks ...
            I can also put you links to all sorts of products.
            But I'm not interested
            I wonder how you do for yourself


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              Originally posted by AGK View Post
              Guys, thanks ...
              I can also put you links to all sorts of products.
              But I'm not interested
              I wonder how you do for yourself

              try looking at the info they have posted ....