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Why Would You Hunt?

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    Originally posted by Buggyout View Post
    Why would I hunt?

    To eat.

    And because of the cycles of feast or famine we can't count on hunting as our main protein source all the time. Learn to make jerky & cure meat (the smoked kind that keeps longer) and use trapping to back it up or visa versa.


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      post TEOTWAWKI I intend to mainly trap and snare, hunting take up too much time and I will have plenty of other things to be getting on with.


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        To gather food. To gather intelligence about what's going on around me. To see if I am in any potential danger from approaching threats. Any number of reasons.


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          Hunting in the era of consumerism is entertainment or game, as you like. The main thing to this is true, for example, sometimes hunters are needed.

          There was a village near my town and foxes began to breed in the forest. Then he had rabies.

          As a result, after the official order to shoot the foxes, they were forced to hire hunters and eliminate this problem, otherwise, not only people but the whole forest could have suffered.

          If you have permission to shoot certain animals, you can do this, you take your meat and restore balance in nature.

          For me, it's adrenaline and a way to challenge yourself :)


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            I don't really hunt, I carry a firearm while checking the trapline