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Ferrets for rabbit hunting.

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  • Ferrets for rabbit hunting.

    When I was young growing up in Ireland we used ferrets to hunt rabbits to sell to the local greyhound racers. They would use live rabbits to train their dogs. We would go out and find a hedgerow with plenty of rabbit burrows, place small nets on lines and stake them to the ground. We would make sure that every burrow we could find had a net in place. Once this was accomplished we would use string to fashion a muzzle to the ferret ( you don't want it to actually catch a rabbit or it will remain in the ground for hours as it feasted and then napped) then you stick the ferret in the burrow and let him do the work.

    Usually within a minute or two the first rabbits would come flying out of the burrows and got caught in the net, the more they struggled the tighter the net got. It wasn't unusual to catch 10-15 rabbits at one hedgerow. Some got away but once the last one had left the hedgerow the ferret would come out and off we went to the next hedgerow.

    I bring this up as an alternative to using a firearm for rabbits so as not to give away your position should TSHTF. It works well and the live rabbits can be caged, or used for food, furs, etc. I haven't seen anyone in this country use this method so I thought I would share an experience from my childhood.