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  • Cleaning Animals Graphic

    My guide service has been turning more into teaching as the economy makes people more aware of what could happen. Here is a vid I made for you tube starting with squirrels on how to clean the animals you kill. I will have more on other animals as they are harvested. This vid was for the beginners more than any thing but if your like me I can always learn from other folks. If this is inappropriate it is not intended to be just to help. If it needs to be removed for any reason I understand. Hope it helps some.

    Thanks Mike

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    I have all kinds of beginners ask me about this- good idea for a video!


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      The instructing part is way more rewarding than anything else. It is a great feeling to be able to help others that will take it and make it work better for them.


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        Thanks for the great video. Please post up more and if you could do a squirell close up, maybe on a cutting board for contrast that would be fantastic.


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          Thanks for the video Mike. Lookin forward to the next.

          Things are seldom what they seem.