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New smoke pole.

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  • New smoke pole.

    I just picked up a new Thompson Center Renegade in 56 cal smooth bore. This gun was made in 1984 and was was LNIB. The part of town I live in is shotgun or smooth bore black powder only, so this gun fits the bill perfectly. I will be working out loads next week but it looks like .535 round ball with a .015 patch over 80 grains powder. It looks like a solid 50 yard gun maybe a little more as I work out loads. I found a 54 cal rifled barrel for it that will just be nice to have. It sure does not have the range of my inline but I can use it to hunt on my property. Who knows maybe I will like it so much that I will go all mountain man. The other thing I like about it being smooth bore is that I can load it with shot for small game.

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    That should be a good addition to the armory. 56 call with 80 grains should give you a good shooter out to 75 yards and maybe more. Let us know how it patterns when you load it up with shot.
    Planning to be here through it all.............


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      Not a very common piece at all congrats!!! Kill something big with it. Good luck
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        Sounds nice, any pics???


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          Good find let us know what loads you work out for it


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            I have a Knight Wolverine LK-93 .50 cal. This ML was one of the first inlines that really pushed inline ML's into the forefront of modern muzzleloaders. I've had this for years and it has never let me down. I use a 245gr., Powerbelt aerotip with 2 - 50 grain pellets. With that load the ML is good out to 125yds. before you have to start compensating.
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