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skunk in the woodshed!

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  • skunk in the woodshed!

    this is so funny i had to post it;
    i just let our 2 beagles out to pee for the night and all of the sudden their was a rukus in the woodshed. i walk over into it and the two 'shorties' were tussling' with a damn skunk:eek: i instantly called them off and sent them into the house...whew...
    dont ask me why that thing didnt spray them.
    i just went back out and its still in there, scared to death. if its not gone by morning i guess i'll have to do a little skunk hunting.
    can't be having him hanging around in the shed all winter. maybe he'll just mosey on along. i really dont want to kill the little fellow.
    and no, i dont have a live trap and i am not going to by one just for the skunk.
    man, this could have been a real mess...damn skunk:D

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    lucky dogs for sure glad they didn't get sprayed.


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      Originally posted by Iron mike View Post
      lucky dogs for sure glad they didn't get sprayed.
      yeah, thanks iron mike! they have been 'lightly' sprayed a couple of times. thats enough for me...


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        Many years ago, when I still had my farm, I walked out into the wood shed where I kept by trash cans and came face to face with a skunk. The first time, it worried the hell out of me but didn't piss. After meeting the damn thing several times, we kind of got used to each. It got to the point where I could walk by the thing within a couple feet and it would just look at me and go on with it's business. In time, it left for greener pastures. They say they make good


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          yeah ryder, i've heard that they make good pets. i should have caught it, deskunked it, and then got rid of our stupid, worthless cat;)
          he was gone this morning, the shorties' are out looking for it now. lets hope he's well hidden...