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Easy way to catch blue crabs without crab traps

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  • Easy way to catch blue crabs without crab traps

    My dad taught me this catching crabs on the Severn River in MD.

    1) take a piece of string about 4-5 ft long and tie one end securely around a boat hitch.
    2) attach a chicken neck or raw fish head to the other end and throw it into the water.
    3) when you see tension on the line, pull it in with slow to moderate speed.
    4) when the crab becomes visible, dip a wire net into the water and scoop up the crab.

    if you do not have a wire net, you can mold one from a piece of chain link fence. and attach it to a stick.

    to cook, you can steam the crabs over a fire until they turn red. place over boiling water but make sure they do not touch the water. add beer, old bay seasoning, and other spices to taste. make sure the crabs are alive when you steam them or you will get sick.

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    nice, good to know
    Sic Vis Pacem Para Bellum


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      people have been crapping like that off the coast of SC since the beginning of time. i'm sure off of other coasts as well. i enjoy crabbing that way, it works, but takes a while to feed more than 2 people. trying to set crab traps, minnow traps, and seine the estuaries for shrimp is a full time job :D