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Bow Hunting Tip

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  • Bow Hunting Tip

    Don't take my word for it, rather try it for yourself. Those familiar with bowhunting know the arrow makes noise when be drawn back over the arrow rest. You can do so many things like use teflon or molesskin etc...

    It may not matter to people hunting at a distance, but in my area the terrain and vegetation usually places my shots at a max. distance of 20 yards. When bowhunting Black bear I set up for an even closer 10 yard shot.

    When that close I can still hear my own arrow draw across the rest ever so slightly and at 10 yards that can be a bad thing.

    So what do I do? Keep in mind I do not do this when target shooting, but before I go out on a hunt I coat my arrow shafts with a light coating of ArmorAll. It works great!
    It's like pulling a hot knife through butter.

    Give it a try.