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  • Bowfishing

    Does any one do it? I have an extra compound bow and I'd like to put a reel on it, a DIY reel if I can. Any input? Can you use a compound bow I've only seen 'em on long bows and I don't don't have an extra one.
    When you have no choice, you have no fear!

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    It is much harder with a compound bow, depending on the type of cams a bow has. I use a recurve mounted with a hand line spool. The problem with most compound bows is that the cams are designed to be shot at full draw @ your draw length from the wall. In bow fishing you are often snap shooting from different draw lengths. With compounds it would be better to use a bow with gentle, round top and bottom cams than to use a bow that has aggressive speed type cams. I did some Gar fishing down south and I did use my Hoyt Vulcan for that just because most of the fish were just sitting there near the top of the water and I had all the time to get to my anchor point. On moving targets I also find that I am faster and more accurate with my recurve because I shoot instinctively and I don’t have to fuss with a peep sight and front sight like on my compound bow. As for a DIY reel, we would use big plastic mayo jars taped to the bow and we would just hand coil the line in to the jar and tie the end to the raiser or to a float. You just don't want to DIY the arrows, spend the money and get a good bow fishing arrow and bow fishing head.


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      I'm not knowledgable about bowfishing, but do agree with Omegaman that a recurve would be a better choice from what I know about bows in general.

      I do know that everyone who does it seems to have a blast!


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        I was thinking of a more permanent fixture but if I just used duck tape and a jar that would be no harm to my long bow. Good looking out Omegaman. I'm going to hit the river this weekend.
        When you have no choice, you have no fear!