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What do you use to hunt deer?

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  • What do you use to hunt deer?

    I will say that I prefer to do all of my hunting with a bow either compound or recurve but some times you have to go to the gun. My long gun is a Remington 700 BDL DM in 300 wm with a Nikon Buck master 3x9x50. Next is my slug gun which is a Winchester 1300 black shadow with 26” rifled barrel with Nikon slughunter BDC 3x9x40. Lastly is my customized Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter in 44 mag with night sights. These are my go to guns and each one has a niche. The 700 is my up north, long shots over clear cuts gun, when you may take a 200+yard shots. The 1300 is my backyard area gun as our town is shotgun only. The Blackhawk is my swamp gun and ridge gun for the towns around me.

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    I use my Winchester 94 mainly.


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      Hunting around here is a bit of a stretch.....anymore it's called waiting.....

      old pillow case with a smashed apple hung up....or some apple sauce....or even a towel soaked in juice....

      I have an old Brit 303....that will sit on the deck until one has bought the farm....but a 22lr would do the trick....they are generally less than 25-30 yards away.

      For real hunting....Win 70.....308....
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        Thompson center pistol in 270.
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          Rifle season - Mossberg 30 .06 ATR Got a 12pt last year @ 286 yards,
          Muzzleloading - A CVA Hawken .50 cal, or a Thomson Z5 .50 cal
          Bow - Xi compound @ 60lbs, or a 150lb recurve crossbow.

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            Ruger 7mm mashemflatmagnum


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              mossberg 100 atr bushnell scope dawg driving mossy 500 riot hell too many to list but there is two hahaha
              the pack that plays together stays together


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                I use a compound bow for archery season, and a Mossberg 500 slug gun for firearms . ( I live in a shotgun only area)


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                  Ever since returning home from Iraq I have become even more of a bowhunter then before I left. I no longer enjoy hunting with a firearm for numerous reasons.

                  When I did rifle hunt it was with a 30-06. For my area it is the ideal caliber.

                  I now hunt deer, bear and turkey with the bow. This allows me to hunt both spring and fall. I also compete during the summer months so that I am able to shoot all year round. Even on rainy days you can catch the wife and I shooting in the house.

                  I have nothing against rifle hunters at all just the ones who choose to go into the woods drunk or shoot at anything that moves. I also have issues with the ones who only pull their rifle out once a year.

                  My wife started shooting the bow a few years ago and LOVES it! For someone just starting out I have to say she is doing far better then I did when I started! I'm very proud of her.


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                    i use my truck....usually with the lights flashing and the horn blowing.


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                      Depends on my mood and where I am hunting. But usually it is either 7.62X39 or....... I know.....Here it comes....the argument of the century...... my Bushmaster .223..................... Don't start! I know I have heard all the arguments and I am sure it will be argued until the end of all time that the .223 is too light but It works fine for me. OK I like variety, I have used .32WinSpl,.30-06,7.62X54R (that'll knock'em down) I actually just like switching around to make sure all of my rifles feel loved!;)


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                        """"7.62X54R (that'll knock'em down)"""" LOL Even if you miss, the shock wave should have them staggering for a while.:D
                        The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                          Originally posted by slowz1k View Post
                          """"7.62X54R (that'll knock'em down)"""" LOL Even if you miss, the shock wave should have them staggering for a while.:D
                          If you do miss, they can't hear ya sneaking up on them either anymore!;)
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                            bow , sks , 243


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                              Originally posted by badkarma View Post
                              i use my truck....usually with the lights flashing and the horn blowing.