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  • "SIR"................

    His survival days are finished. Hopefully he has a lot of off-spring.
    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.

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    To lose such a beautiful creature is a shame. OTOH, I support hunting.


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      I am an environmentally aware hunter. I eat what I hunt, and don't hunt for trophies unless I'll be eating it. I do realize that the hunters paid a lot of money to do it though, and it helps in managing the ecosystem. But I'm just not a fan of it. I've tracked and killed animals that were suffering though, only after consulting with the fish cops (DFO). As 2 live in town, I've chatted with them at the LGS and range, I've managed to get a good rapport with them, mainly after putting down a tick infested cow moose. Middle of summer and it was literally skin bones and lesions, I called one of the officers and reported it. They wanted to put it down but were 2 hours away, after I informed them I was out plinking with my 300 Sav I could easily harvest it and wait for them. After the shot it painfully headed deep into the pond, I dragged it out and waited. It was definitely an animal that deserved an easy passing full sized it may of weighed maybe 500 lbs.
      DFOs eventually came along looked at me drying my cloths, carcass and rifle , said thanks and put it in the back of the truck for study.


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        The shame was all the hunter wanted was its skin.
        We hunted and ate what we harvested. That's what hunting is all about.

        If I shoot a feral hog, I donate it to the local food bank who gets it processed and gives the meat away to the needy. Feral hog is a bit too gamey for my taste and yes, I've smoked it.

        About a mile up the dirt road from here, two landowners are fighting over an access. One of them owns about 15 acres all ridges and steep valleys. He paid a lawyer to send the other landowner a letter that basically said take the chain down or else. As there hasn't been a survey done; my answer would be prove it. The lawyer is hoping it goes to court so he makes $$$.
        There are survey pins; however, not enough of them to prove anything. The owner who wants the access tried to hire a surveyor. I met the surveyor who said I've enough flat land work to make me happy. Or it wasn't surveyed; however, there are a few pins there. Methinks, the one who is demanding access is desperate.