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trappng or hunting small game is not worth doing for survival

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  • trappng or hunting small game is not worth doing for survival

    in and of itself. You have to be trapping and hunting BIG game, while your net traps and trotlines are also catching lots of fish. Since you have to be running your trapline for big game anyway, of course you watch for big and smal game as you do so and QUIETLY shoot it as you are able. and you can of course check small game traps set in between the big game traps and the treble hooks and other traps set to eliminate predators, since they are edible and are competing with you for game and fish. Small game by itself, burns at LEAST as many calories trapping and shooting it as you get back from having caught such critters. A cottontail is just 500 calories, a squirrle is just 400 calories. A grouse 200 calories. There just isn't that much small game out there and you wont catch all that much of it, either. You burn 100 calories per mile walked, un-burdened, on flat pavement, in room temps. When it's cold, fighting brush, mud, snow, hills, carrying gear, you'll burn more like 150 calories per mile walked. You'l have to run your trapline twice a day, or find your catch stolen by predators. So you burn, say, an extra 1000 calories per day, compared to just remaining holed up in your shelter, If you dont catch 2 rabbits or 3 squirrels per day, EVERY day, , you're losing on the deal.