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"SET-GUNS" for post SHTF applications.

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  • "SET-GUNS" for post SHTF applications.

    It is or was used for trapping and also "Booby'Traps" and/or "Trip'Gun". Essentially the intended victim shoots itself. I use H&R "Handy" rifles and shotguns, because they are cheap.

    For animals you build a "Cubby" Set. nd attach the firearm to the tree at the correct height. Attach a string (I like braided 45# fishing line) to the trigger, run the string back either around the tree (I drill a hole in the buttstock) and up in front of the muzzle, attach the bait (raw meat) to the string, pull the string and bait tight and more or less in front of the muzzle. And the last thing (Please make sure it is the last thing) you do is pull the hammer back and cock the rifle or shotgun. Some would put the bait right over the barrel, with the barrel sticking through the center of the meat. The animal that's the meat, which pulls the trigger, animal shoots itself in the head. Never......never.....never ever use a self-loading firearm. Or you will shot yourself.

    Set-guns were used extensively in Africa for culling Lions. And use in Alaska for bears, Wolves, other predators.

    Set-guns are not "ILLEGAL" to own and practice with. They are currently "Illegal" to use for trapping or hunting. You can use long guns or handguns........just never use an autoloader. I mostly use single shot .410 shotguns for practice.

    It is just one more tool to have practiced before the SHTF, rather then wasting ammo
    trying to iron out the tricks post SHTF.

    For security at night you can have the barrel pointed at the sky, and no bait, just run a trip line across the trail or pathway. This will cause a rapid rectal eruption in the visitor, and wake you. Just keep you dogs restrained.

    I use bungee cord to attach to tree, or I also build brackets that stay attached to the tree, that the buttstock fits into.

    I buy lots of trashed H&R "Handy" or "Partner" firearms cheap at gunshows...........and hacksaw the barrels to a bit over legal length. Keeping the OAL legal also. But just to cover my ass......I keep the barrels in one building and the receiver in a far away building. But they are legal both barrels and over all length.

    When I set up practice "Sets" I do it on my homestead, and disarm the "SET" and put everything away. But I am ready and skilled if the SHTF and I need meat.

    There are other neat things also, like the shot is generally in the dark of night, so no one knows where the shot was, most would sleep right through it. You could also build the cubby to trap much of the sound.
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    That's interesting. A old friend showed me a set gun the other day. It is a double barrel muzzleloader. There is a meat hook on the front and when it is pulled there is a single hammer that hits both percussion caps. It's old.

    Also in the rat river trappers gear there is a cut off ive johnson 16 gauge, I think it was nothing more than a set gun.

    I have seen set guns made from 3/4" pipe. a rat trap and a few 2 by 4s.