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Is this woman, and hunters like her, ethical?

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    Originally posted by rabunmom View Post
    Yes I think it was a trophy kill. I hate the idea that people kill animals just for the sport, if you hunt you should eat what you killed.
    Yes. This^^^^^.


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      I worked for a hunting guide a couple of seasons as a packer (never again brutal work) and the majority of the hunters only concern was a trophy. Most did not want the meat citing it was too expensive to have it processed and shipped yet they do not blink a eye at spending 10k for a guided hunt. Most times the meat was gave to a local native village or divided among the crew. To me this is a total disregard of what hunting is really about.


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        I don't kill anything I don't eat unless nuisance species like crow, grackles, groundhogs
        and such.
        Even a young half grown groundhog goes in the frying pan.
        Some city people learn I eat squirrels and are down right disgusted.
        They don't have a clue that squirrels are even edible.
        Not only edible but very, very, good eating.
        I fixed a mess for my fiance and she devoured the things with reckless abandon.
        Well that's a stretch but she liked 'em.
        We just now came in from catching really nice bluegills 10 to 12".
        Now I have to clean 'em up for supper.

        It's pretty hard to starve an ol' hillbilly.

        Reminds me of a story that happened decades ago.
        My friend Bob and I were both cops.
        We got permission to fish a creek teeming with big suckers.
        We showed up with rod,real, worms and caught a few.
        The ol' land owner came to see how we were doing and we showed him
        "I thought you were gonna get a bunch" he said as he lit a half stick of
        He back off and said " Were I you boys I'd run!"

        WE RAN!
        Ka-boom. We picked up a couple dozen really big dead suckers.

        Eating suckers is not a good idea. Perfectly edible they are but so bony you'd
        likely choke to death.
        We cut 'em up for fertilizer.
        Same with carp.
        Makes for big, good tomatoes.


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          That is the problem with the moral of the anti-hunters. They seems to forget that the food they buy in the market was an animal which was killed to feeding them


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            Originally posted by jeager View Post
            Eating suckers is not a good idea. Perfectly edible they are but so bony you'd
            likely choke to death.
            I pressure can some fish with the bone (sometimes it ends up that way), and the bones in the pressure canning process are easily edible and are added calcium source which may be a good idea not to overlook.



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              My opinion is that anyone wearing that much makeup, including lipstick while hunting bear, then yes, she is a trophy hunter as she is expecting her photo to be taken with that kill. If she was interested in hunting, she would have had that meat processed, not given it to charity.

              I figure it is similar to sport fishing. If I am going to go fishing and hurt that animal, it is going to end up in my frying pan. If I am not hungry for fish, I do not go fishing. If I am craving fish for dinner, I pack my truck with a lunch, head up to my fav little lake, and take just enough for dinner. I take a picture of my catch for the day, but I can promise you I am not putting lipstick on to get the photo.



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                If I don't eat it I don't harvest it.


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                  These kinds of questions are a demonstration of how incredibly stupid some people are without realizing that they are shielded and or protected in their stupidity by their economic affluence and further more the are so far removed from the reality of life by said economic affluence.

                  These people are so incredibly stupid they do not realize that they are paying someone else to kill for them and or process the meat which is in their al.

                  Such ignorance does not make them more humane or moral than makes them removed from ignorance...they are an oxymoron...and know it not.

                  I' ve given this to people with a broadside to demonstrate their stupidity when they are ignorant sufficient to demonstrate stupidity while trying to appear more moral than others...

                  I do not tell people what to eat or not eat..and expect the same from others....nor what to buy or not buy..that is my private business....and or their private business.

                  Sometimes however, Educated so called cultured, civilized people can be some kind of ignorant.....and do not seem to realize this..astonishing.

                  And these people are voters.........Wow!!!!

                  Not an Ishmaelite.
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