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14 days in Southern Arizona

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  • 14 days in Southern Arizona

    Hello everyone! I recently spent 2 weeks backpacking, and practicing wilderness survival skills in the mountains of southern arizona. Here are a few pics!
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    It was a privilege to have experienced such a beautiful and rugged environment! I emerged dehydrated, hungry, tired, sunburned, and extremely content. Definitely a great trip!

    For more info on the trip you can check out
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    List your kit, I am interested in what you carried. I live in Phoenix and have always wanted to head down that way.


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      I always like to go food heavy, and in this case, water heavy, but stay light on gear. Here's a pic that has roughly the gear that I took, and I'll post a full list below
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      Kelty Redcloud Pack
      Green River Knife
      Solar Charger (need to keep the blog going!)
      Media kit(flipcam, camera, batteries, etc)
      8x10 poly tarp
      Zebra Pot w/ modified wire
      wooden spoon
      8 water bottles
      duct tape
      emberlit stove
      boonie cap
      map & compass
      Crazy creek chair (used as sleeping pad)
      Coffee mug
      2 bandanas
      sleeping bag
      clothing: Long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, zip off pants, fleece pants, fleece jacket, wool socks, and of course underwear
      Food:cabbage, olive oil, chili peppers, MRE parts, fudge, watercress, dandelions, and lizard meat.
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        Like the idea of the dandelions. People don't realize they are good to eat. The down side is that they are a diuretic, & you'll want to pee like crazy. Notice you didn't carry anything to purify water, such as a Katedyn or Lifestraw. I use the Katedyn while backcountry hiking. The 8 water bottles wouldv'e been down to one with the Katedyn. I use Snowpeak utensils,(coffee mug, pots & pans). They are made of titanium & very lightweight. I hate packing my Coleman sleeping bag in my backpack. My backpack is a Alps Mtn. Denali, & holds about 5400 cu. in. The sleeping bag just takes up too much room. Thinking about doing the hammock thing. Have heard a lot of good things about them. Also have a Alps mtn. (Mystique2) tent from the same company with the sleeping pad. The company gave me the sleeping pad. Told them I wanted to field test it. LOL Thanks for the pictures & your list of things you carried for 2 wks. Az. looks good.


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          Most of our water was taken from a spring, so the water was great to drink. If I needed to purify water I would just boil it. I've used the Katedyn on a month long canoe expedition in Maine and it's great. The reason I needed so many bottles was because I was in the desert, so water holes were few and far between. Hammocks are great, unless the temperature drops. On this trip there were temps between the mid 20s and high 80s.
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