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good video about pace counting and dead reaconing

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  • good video about pace counting and dead reaconing

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    We do a fitness test at work where we have to walk 3 miles with a 45lb pack in 45 minutes. To train for this I use a treadmill set to 4 mph. (15 minute miles)
    After so many years of doing this, I find that I can judge my pace really well. I work with the other guys when they are training, and I am the one who administrates the test. So when I have someone struggling I walk with them and set the pace for them so they can finish.
    All of this is to say, that being so aware of how fast I am walking, (3-5 days a week in season) I have been able to walk for a period and guess very accurately how far I have gone.
    All of this is on established trails though, and I think the difficulty would be learning my pace in difficult terrain, and how that translates to miles on a map.
    Like most things I guess it takes doing it repeatedly and eventually it sinks in.
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