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    Ive used hatchets, folding saws, and machetes each have their own pros and cons. You are just going to have to make the leap, for the few pounds they add i would take them all. but thats me personally. A high quality steel hatchet should be well balanced and sturdy, same with a machete, folding saws i look for thicker blade lighter handle. the biggest problem i have had out of the cheaper foolding saws is that if you get in to big a hurry and the blade binds in the wood it will bend and after that it is almost useless but then again i have used my hatchet to pound out some bends. but even when they are broke i still keep the pieces cuz eventually one of them will fail and need to be replaced. Hatchets are alot of work and i have spent half the time and energy with a folding saw on big and little trees, bone is a different story tho. again my opinion
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      I tend to carry both as well. The saw is for saplings firewood and tinder. The hatchet is for breaking down meat.
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        I have a hatchet, machete, and Cold Steel fixed blade. I never had a need for a full handle axe. The tomahawks are tempting, but I don't want to spend the money to duplicate what is already working. I would rather get something I need and don't have.
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