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The Water Generator

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  • The Water Generator

    I wanted to post pictures of a water generator I use for winter camping. This is how I collect most of my water. The set-up here is identical for the most part, but for the purpose of showing how it works I used the sun rather then a fire or camp stove.

    I will stuff the large cloth sleeve with clean snow and set it near the fire. As it melts it will fill whatever you are using to catch the water. When using snow it takes alot to get enough water that's why I use such a large sleeve.

    I do not boil the clean snow and have never gotten sick. However, melting ice produces more water then snow, but melted ice water should be treated and/or boiled.

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    I use a big pillow case from Goodwill...


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      Originally posted by Curdog View Post
      I use a big pillow case from Goodwill...
      When I'm actually out I do the same. I like to use the white cotton pillow cases just like you rather then material that has been dyed.


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        Very inventive....I'll have to show that one at the next Klondike derby for my Scouts.

        Thanks for posting it.
        Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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          My rule of thumb is 10" depth of snow is equal to 1" of water runoff.It is reasonable to assume 10 cups of snow would yield 1 cup of water.IMO.