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  • Beauty Supplies

    It's a little known secret that us guys like to look good in the woods too. It's not just a redneck woman in a camouflaged bikini thing any more! (or short shorts) ;)

    Ok seriously now...This little item is a must for keeping in your vehicle after returning from the woods during tick season!!! I have seen what a tick can do to a human and a dog first hand. There is NO EXCUSE not to have one! They are cheap and work great for checking your back and under side when you don't have a buddy along.

    I think this one was bought for maybe $3. It's about 8" x 7"

    Plus the gals will love ya for having one along!

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    I keep a 3x5 stainless steel mirror in the backpack.....for that too...:)

    in a pinch....a CD works....
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      I've got one of them school girl locker mirrors. Made from some type of unbreakable material.


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        .... I jus call up my lady friend and we have us a tick pickin party.

        Things are seldom what they seem.


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          Originally posted by Oscar Wilde View Post
          .... I jus call up my lady friend and we have us a tick pickin party.

          Now that's a good reason NOT to have one! lol