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    Ok folks I thought I'd finally start sharing some of my gear.

    I have spent alot of time perfecting these systems, and have a TON of bags, pads and more.

    The systems below are my current favorites

    Let me preface this with I'm a fairly hot sleeper, so my cold weather bag is truly for winter use, and I'm also fairly bulky width wise, and a stomach sleeper so I need WIDE bags.

    The below are a cummulation of TONS of research, tons of purchases and tons of field testing.

    Keep in mind these are NOT in compression sacks, simply stuff sacks. The bags can be made quite a bit smaller If needed. Pictured With Nalgene bottles for size comparison

    Warm weather bag is

    Big Agnes Lost Dog Sleeping Bag: 50 Degree Synthetic

    It's on the left

    If you are not familiar with big agnes bags they have integrated sleeves for your pad so you don't seperate from your pad in the middle of the night which is always a problem for me.

    My Fave Spec: bag weight > 1 lb. 4 oz.

    designed to be used with a 20" wide rectangular pad
    integrated pad sleeve > never roll off your pad again!
    lightweight, 70" ykk #5 zipper > match left & right zippers to mate bags
    only mates with another lost dog or nugget sleeping bag
    rectangular shape offers more room in foot box & shoulders
    cotton storage sack & nylon stuff sack included
    built in pillow pocket holds a fleece or big agnes pillow
    shell fabric > wrm breathable, water resistant & wind proof nylon microfiber rip-stop
    interior lining > wrm breathable, water resistant & wind proof nylon microfiber rip-stop
    interior fabric loops for sleeping bag liners
    the most comfortable sleeping system available
    every big agnes bag requires a pad to provide the insulation on the bottom
    Specifications >
    fits > up to 5' 10"
    pad length > 20" x 72"
    color > wine/gray/black
    fill type > PrimaLoft ECO (50% recycled)
    fill weight > 5 oz
    bag weight > 1 lb. 4 oz.
    shoulder girth > 70"
    hip girth > 66"
    stuff sack size > 6" x 15"
    compressed bag size > 6" x 4"

    My COLD weather bag is on the right

    It's is the

    Big Agnes Summit Park 15 Degree Bag

    This bag is quite possibly my Fav bag of all time. It is comfortable, VERY roomy, and warm! It has a big integrated sleep pad pocket on the bottom

    FAV Features:
    Shoulder Girth 80.5"
    And Warmth

    Integrated full pad sleeve. Never roll off your pad again
    Nylon stuff sack & cotton storage sack included
    Built in pillow pocket holds a fleece or Big Agnes pillow
    Interior fabric loops for sleeping bag liners
    Rectangular shape offers more room in foot box and shoulders
    25" width offers extra girth
    70" YKK #8 zipper. Mate together our left and right zip bags with same size zipper
    No-draft collar seals around neck to keep cold air from sneaking in
    No-draft wedge insulates the connection between the bag and pad
    No-draft zipper tube insulates along the length of the zipper
    Shell: Down proof, nylon micro-fiber rip-stop. WR surface treatment to repel water
    Lining: Soft, breathable down proof nylon with stain resistant finish
    Pad sleeve: Nylon rip-stop. WR surface treatment to repel water
    Flow™ Construction: Insotect Flow™ is a flow-optimized insulation system that delivers uniform heat distribution and natural body contouring through its revolutionary baffle design. Flow Construction eliminates lateral and vertical down shifting by using vertical chambers with Flow Gates to regulate fill positioning and density. Strategically placed Flow Gates minimize vertical down shifting while vertical chambers minimize lateral shifting. With continuous vertical Flow chambers in place of traditional side seams, Flow bags eliminate potential cold spots which can occur with side seams. Vertical baffles now flow with your body for more rapid and uniform body heat distribution.
    LEFT OR RIGHT ZIPPER? When you are in the bag, on your back, the right zip will be on your right side, left zip on your left side

    long/up to 6'6"
    Pad Size 25"x78"
    Color lake/gray
    Fill Type 600 fill goose down
    Fill Weight 1lb 8oz
    Bag Weight 3lb 11oz
    Shoulder Girth 80.5"
    Hip Girth 74.5"
    Foot Girth 66"
    Stuff Sack Size L-9"x20"
    Bag Size 9x10"

    My PAD: I have tested many many pads and combinations of bag/pad

    My Year round multi purpose Pad is the:


    FAV Features:
    Pad thickness (in.) 3.5 inches
    Built In Pump

    With a new, lightweight design and built-in pump, this comfy Exped sleeping pad adds length, width and thickness for improved refuge from the cold, hard ground.

    Lofted microfiber insulation is laminated to the top and bottom, providing efficient 4-season warmth
    Baffled chambers evenly distribute insulation, eliminating cold spots
    Ingenious, integrated pump inflates mat quickly and easily
    Polyester fabric is UV- and abrasion-resistant; nonslip finish helps keep you on the pad
    Welded seams create airtight construction
    Dual valves provide maximum airflow for rapid deflation
    Includes stuff sack for protection during transportation

    Exped SynMat 9 Deluxe Air Pad with Pump Specs Specification Description
    Average pad weight (oz.) 42 ounces
    R-Value 6
    Pad length (in.) 77.5 inches
    Pad width (in.) 26 inches
    Pad thickness (in.) 3.5 inches
    Packed size 7 x 11 inches
    Dimensions - metric 196 x 66 x 9 centimeters
    Average weight - metric 1.18 kilograms
    Insulation type Synthetic
    Sleeping pad type Air pad
    Sleeping pad shape Rectangular
    Repair kit included Yes

    Here it is nested in the Big Agnes Summit

    The above combo is by far the best nights sleep I have ever had in the outdoors period.

    Some other Stuff

    Kifaru G2 Woobie - Bring this along for cold climates, sitting around the campfire, add to sleeping bag warmth in sub zero scenarios, good all purpose item

    These high tech poncho liners are designed to replace the USGI poncho liner. The Kifaru Woobie & Doobie are MUCH warmer than a standard poncho liner. Our Climashield insulation is continuous filament - so strong that no quilting is needed. Plus, it has a better "feel" and draping capabilities - no quilting, so there are no cold spots. Coupled with our water resistant RhinoSkin Shell, you get immediate warmth and protection.
    Same great stuff we use in our sleeping bags.

    Best yet, the Woobie & Doobie are very compressible due to the state of the art materials used.

    Our Woobie uses 2 oz. / square yard of insulation and the Doobie (Double Woobie) uses 4oz. square yard of insulation. Not just a poncho liner, you can also use them as a sleeping bag liner or ground cloth (for two) as well.

    Colors: OD on one side, foliage green on the other
    Woobie G2 Weight: 1 lb., 4 oz. (vs. 1lb 12.8oz for a new issue standard poncho liner).
    Dimensions: 64 X 93 inches*

    Doobie Weight: 2 lbs., 2 oz.
    Dimensions: 64 X 93 inches*
    *dimensions may vary slightly due to pliability of fabric and filler

    Shell: our proprietary RhinoSkin™ - the lightest/toughest material available with an excellent DWR finish to help shed rotten weather, and the reversible two tone color scheme provides more blending latitude.
    Insulation: we use ONLY the new Climashield Combat insulation. Continuous filaments provide superior strength, moisture resistance, durability, thermal efficiency and excellent packing efficiency as compared to down or cut staple insulation.

    Also pictured is the tried and true Ridgerest

    Also pictured is a Snugpak Softie 3 Merlin

    Softie 3 Merlin

    A tried and tested favourite, this British made sleeping bag combines micro pack size with serious performance.
    International best seller and brand leader, this lightest and smallest of the Softie® sleeping bag range utilises space age technology in the form of a highly breathable metallised barrier (Relectatherm) to give a temperaturerating that exceeds expectations. Used in climates as diverse as the Australian outback to the foothills of the Himalayas. Comes with reinforced foot as standard.


    Snugfit Hood
    The quilted top of the bag is tailored, pleated, and fitted with a drawcord so it pulls into shape, rather like a jacket hood.

    Anti-snag Zip
    To prevent the 2-way zip from snagging either the zip baffle or the bag edges, an "anti-snag strip" of webbing is sewn in behind the zip. (All zipped bags.)

    Liner Fastening and Hanging Tabs
    Inner tabs are provided to keep a loose liner in position, corresponding in position with the tabs we provide on our liners. External tabs allow you to easily hang the bag for airing and drying.

    Circle Foot
    Tapering the bag to a circle foot creates the "mummy" shape which is easy to warm and minimises the weight of material used.

    Zip Baffle
    Hard to see in the picture, but a zip baffle runs the full length of the bag, behind the zip,to prevent heat escaping through the zip area.

    Re-inforced Foot
    Sleep with your boots on!

    Zip Together
    Buy a left and a right hand to make a double (please check when ordering)

    Made in the UK
    This product is uk made start to finish at our factory in West Yorkshire, England.

    Compression Stuff Sack
    Comes complete with a compression stuff sack, to make the bag smaller when not in use.

    Wider bag (extra)
    Can be used with the Snugpak Exanda Panel to make a wider sleeping bag for more comfrot.

    Extra Length
    This sleeping bag can be make extra long, please ask for more details.

    Single profiled sleeping bag with one layer of softie insulation.

    Sleeping Bag Type
    Mummy shaped

    Zip Type
    Full length side zip, in either left or right hand.

    Technical Information
    Zip Style:
    Full Length Two Way Zip
    (Left Hand and Right Hand version available)
    Temp Rating:
    Comfort: 5°c
    Temp Rating:
    Extreme: 0°c
    Weight: 900g (inc. compression stuff sack)
    (Fully Compressed): 16x16cm ('How to' Guide)
    Packsize (Uncompressed)
    Length: 220cm
    Width (Chest): 150cm
    Width (Foot):

    My one true little luxury here is pictured

    It's the Slumberjack Camp pillow


    Shell Fabric Poly-Cotton
    Liner Fabric Cotton Flannel
    Slumberloft HP™
    Compressible and comfortable
    Matching stuff sack included
    Carry Size 10" x 20"
    Carry Weight 10 oz

    This is just the tip of the iceburg but probably a good start and will hopefully help you guys out a bit
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    nice set up dude... I am a big fan of compactness..


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      thanks man appreciate it

      The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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        Skyowl and I have had to shelter (indoors) with no heat in temps down to 0 deg. He's also wide, warm, and a tummy sleeper. I am cold at 50 deg. He's an important part of my sleep system, I fit into the nook created by that arm and leg he throws out in his quest to conquer the bed.

        We used two oversize Coleman winter-rated bags zipped together and Army ponchos in the bags to put over our shoulders, keeping out the air leaks down our necks. It worked well, because somewhere in the night I kicked off the socks I'd worn to bed.
        "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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          great post thanks for the write up lots of stuff to think about there


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            I'll look into the Big agnes. I currently use SlumberJack, however pad seperation is an issue for me.


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              I have a Jungle Bag and really like it, but the Kestrel is next on my list.


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                What a great post! The hubs and I were just talking the other day about upgrading our sleeping gear situation. The current is "grab some quilts and pillows and hope for the best." Not great, but it's worked on our camping forays. This is a huge help with lots of options. Ahhh sleeping pads.....
                This kitten has claws......