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Hawaii islands backpack/off trail camping?

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  • Hawaii islands backpack/off trail camping?

    So, the Mr and I are slowly planning a trip to Hawaii, after he deploys to Afghanistan. We wanted to do something like a Hawaii trip, yet want to stay in a tent and hike the islands. Has anyone ever done this, in Hawaii? If so, what was your experience like? We have yet to actually buy maps,and books, since we still have sometime-m but have explored online.. We love hiking, and camping, and since we never had a real honeymoon, or vacation alone, we figured this might be a once in a lifetime experience. Plus, I dont want to leave the country.. Constructive criticism appreciated! Thanks Mrs maric :)
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    I spoke with a Boy Scout Troop that did a camping trip to Hawaii.....They said the biggest thing was keeping gear dry....clothes that dry quickly is a must.

    Dry bags for essential gear is a must....and they had planned on a hotel stay the last night there...cleanup for the ride back.

    They didn't get into much wind....but it was one of their concerns.....most of them said it was so comfortable in the bag was necessary....and a good hammock ruled.
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      Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! Im excited, and looking forward to it!! Im thinking a hotel stay @ least one night might be nice too! Im looking forward to the hiking and camping though!!!!
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