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    Here is what a young bear did trying to get into our screen porch..

    Edit, I'm not sure why the images are links instead of small size??

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      I'll be honest. I didn't read all the replies. But here is my .02 All you need are the basics. ie food water shelter. Everything else is fluff. Comfort can play a big roll for future desire for loved ones though. We like to back country camp. ( FAMILY OF 8, YES 8) WE DO EVERYTHING FROM 30 FT TRAVEL TRAILER to backpack camp/ hunt trips. My two oldest sons and I were actually on a backpack camp/bear hunt during the tornados


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        I started off with a popup tent and a coleman camping grill. I know plenty of ppl who started with an arsenal and not camping anymore only after one trip. You need to try it out to see if you will like it or not. Opt for public campgrounds to begin with. I'm in Ontario and always pick provincial campgrounds.


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          In 2016, we bought land in the Chattahoochee National forest. We camped here for a couple of years and in 2019, we built a cabin and moved here permanently.


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            Originally posted by Jonathandeck View Post
            If you are looking for advice about Camping and how to setup your own tent just check this guide: Outdoor Lifestyle Expert
            Ah, thank you for the camping tip! A guide from an Outdoor Lifestyle Expert sounds like the perfect compass to navigate the wilderness and set up a cozy tent under the stars. Happy camping adventures ahead!
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              Originally posted by WeltZumerr12 View Post
              compass to navigate the wilderness
              You made an excellent point!

              A compass, topographical map and the land navigation skills to use them would be a great addition.

              A compass with the azimuths of two known points yields a rough idea of one's location.