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50 years of living with BEARS. (Short Essay)

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    Originally posted by dalewick View Post

    I don't think the mosquitos own the FL swamps. Pretty sure they have some kind of a timeshare arrangement with the leeches, deer flies, chiggers, tics and others. LOL! I spent more than one sleepless night in FL swamps while completing jungle training for uncle Sam. Pretty sure the mosquitos used DEET as BBQ sauce.

    LOL, Uncle Sam put you through it. I do it for "fun". Deet does nothing but make my skin feel greasy. I haven't had any real issues with leeches. I always "batten down the hatches" including blousing my boots tightly. I don't get in the swamp waters naked, that is for sure lol.


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      Originally posted by SonofLiberty View Post

      LOL, Uncle Sam put you through it. I do it for "fun". Deet does nothing but make my skin feel greasy. I haven't had any real issues with leeches. I always "batten down the hatches" including blousing my boots tightly. I don't get in the swamp waters naked, that is for sure lol.
      I guess I did go through a lot for Uncle Sam. Had a problem with saying "send me". Didn't know when to stop saying it. LOL! Learned to stop when it cost someone else for my decision. Saw a lot. Did a lot. Survived when I shouldn't have. Lost a lot. Seems like another lifetime now.



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        I have some experience with black bear while living on a farm. two times I had to kill one while trying to save someone else life.

        First was when one raided our chicken coop in the middle of the night. My Uncle was first out the door with his shotgun problem was he had N0. 7 shot for birds in it. I came second with a 30-30 Winchester 1894 model I had to take the kill shot because the shotgun only pissed off the bear and he came for my Uncle to kill.

        The second was when I was 18 home on leave and we went to pick berry s Did not know for over 1 hour that a bear was only 20-30 feet away from use. Something set the bear off and I had younger kids to protect, so my 30-30 did its job again. Did not have time to really aim, but kept putting rounds into it until my magazine was empty.

        Do I hate the bears involved? No, just sad that I had to do, what I did.


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          Being a desert dweller, I will pass on the swamps and snow covered (white fluffy crap). I don't do bugs, humidity of frost bitten body parts. Give me 120*F any day.
          It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war!


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            Bump.........fairly good thread.
            One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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              I"m 68 and I was an MP dog handler for years and the guy is dead on accurate about dogs. If dogs can sense fear on your part, so can any predator. For the past 200 years in the US and twice that long in Europe, animals that have dared to attack humans have immediately been hunted down and killed. Their young probably died. So animals fear us mightily. Almost all of them have seen evidence of humans ability to kill them from a distance, by virtue of load noises. That's why banging together pots and pans, etc, often works to run off bears, wolves, etc. You can trust to luck and blunder around unarmed if you like. A good pistol is so lw and compact that there's zero reason to not always have it. I switch it to a chest holster for sleeping, since I never sleep in the prone position. That way, the gun is right there. Only brain or spine hits have the requires instantaneous stop you'll need. So all this .454 casull, 460 and 500 smith stuff is a load of horse puckey. 9mm to the brain has killed quite a few big bears. Cops use their service pistols to put down animals that have been hit by cars and a single jhp to the brain stiffens them like a rock.

              Also, even in "bear country", you are many, many times more likely to be attacked by humans and/or dogs than by bears, wolves, or cougars. Every year in the US, over 800,000 people are dog-bitten badly enough to seek medical attention. There is no realistic number /record of the assaults, beatings, rapes, intimation, robberies, burglaries, murders, etc,, either. There's 50 or so bear attacks. you're far more likely to be seriously injured by bees, wasps, scorpions, snakes, etc, even lightning than by bears. Blowhards just want you to believe they are SO brave knowledgaeble cause they've been around a few bears. Big effing deal. When I lived near Pagosa Springs, CO, I went out to dump the garbage into the tote and 3 ft away, right on the other side of the tote, a 250+ lb sow raised up on her hind feet and looked at me. I put my hand on my pocket 9mm and spoke to her reasonably as I backed away. When I got the 50 ft or so to our porch, she was tearing into the plastic bag that I had dropped. I went and told the wife and we both went back out and watched her until we had to get ready for work. When we went out for work, she was gone.

              When I drove a garbage truck, I knew where the key needed to open the dump was hidden. We'd often need to offload earlier than the dump was open, cause some days we'd not get done running the route before the dump closed. Every time I opened the dump's gate, there would be at LEAST one black bear present and sometimes 3 or more. They just ignored me driving past them at 10m or less. Anyone who eats black bear meat is nuts, cause they are drinking from the pools at the bottom of the garbage pits and those pools are full of god knows what chemicals.
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                no bears here, no moose either, biggest thing is a Red Deer.