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50 years of living with BEARS. (Short Essay)

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    Originally posted by dalewick View Post

    Cedar, PLEASE do not do this to a grizzly at close distance. It may be the last thing you ever do. Good for black bears.

    Like I said... LOL.. I went into the house to scrub floors or something. I had 6 black bears and a juvie Griz on my property. No one believed I had a Griz until I showed them pics and they commented on the hump on its back. I had an old neonatal bear den in my back 40, but it had not been used during the time I owned that property.

    I have given up entire lakes to a Grizzly before. Grizzlies are never in a good mood I hear. I did not want to try that theory out either way. Now I am back in Oregon, I am not likely to see bears or moose. I was always more wary of moose, which are highly unpredictable.