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Sleeping Pads or Camp Beds?

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    I knew a Navy CPO when stationed in the Pacific, they used furniture made of bamboo or the termites would attack. When a family would rotate elsewhere? The Navy would erect a tent over the house and fill it with insecticide. Yeah, who knows what insecticide they used and I doubt it would be "healthy" for people.

    Nix, sand flies are voracious eaters.


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      Never heard of those "grease bands", solid idea there. We didn't have oil on hand and use to use soapy water, with extra of the liquid soap in a pan. Thx for the grease band idea.

      Agree with a previous poster, its all about location. Some areas I go through just have nowhere for me to hang my hammock, other areas are too rocky, to wet to use a pad, circumstances will dictate what I use.

      If car camping, weight isn't an issue, so I use one of my air mattresses or military cots. Backpacking, either hammock, sleeping pad, inflatable pad.

      When I was young, things were different, now having a bad back, my 1st priority is comfort.


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        Originally posted by Michael aka Mac View Post
        When I was young, things were different, now having a bad back, my 1st priority is comfort.
        Comfort is why we live in our BOL. Here, we have preps, seeds, tools, firearms, and a lot more.

        During the recent cold wave, the temperature was 5° not including the 20 to 26 MPH wind chill. IMO, the BOB is highly overrated for all season survival.


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          Any one that thinks a BOB is anything more than a 48 hr bandied solution to a LONGTERM problem. Some people believe that a backpack bag kit will allow you to survive forever. That could be true if you are an indigenous person in a tropical/sub tropical location, and trained from birth to it. in NA theres 1 in thousands can can deal with it. Sooner or later those fancy bags of holding will not provide what you need.

          In Afg I was loaded out with some of the most high speed kit the military could offer, but we could only go 1/2 a dozen days before we were calling for a tactical resupply. Bravo 2 Zero and The One That Got Away shows what I'm talking about, No resupply and being pushed by local units. They were soon ditching kit and going with what they thought were the essentials. I've had meetings with some SAS / JTF2 / SEALS tough great soldiers, I know I'd never be on their naughty list. But still human, sooner or later it all runs out.


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            Some people believe a BOB is how they will survive long term. It's sad, but it is what it is. I guess the feral hogs will eat too.

            One good thing about the Military is/was unless one is/was a nature walker; there was always a resupply. Unlike armor and Mech units; leg infantry needed that last resupply before dark.

            I've read SEALs are prone to be on the arrogant side, but I don't know that as a fact. What I do know after living with SF as neighbors, they are really easy going and excellent neighbors.
            Beats me what JFT2 is. I did meet one SAS, a Muj trainer who said the Islamic types were poor soldiers as they are too willing to die. As Patton said the object of war is to make the other poor S0B die for his country.


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              JTF2 is Canada's top tier unit, easily fit with SEALS SAS SBS DELTA etc


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                I looked them up. ;)