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Misty mountain hike!

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  • Misty mountain hike!

    Today, I went on my daily hike into the mountains! I took the Knucklehead (Dog) and cruised up early this morning. I decided to try a trail, one I hadn't been on.. There are literally thousands of hikes I haven't been on and hundreds I have.

    This trail followed a small stream with tons of river rock! Check out the first picture below. That's a LOT of river rock. This stuff sells for a ton of cash in parts of the country. It's all over the place here.

    We walked a few miles along the river at one point, my stupid dog managed to cross the stream in a flash and got caught on the other side. I had to run downstream to a natural bridge to get the idiot.

    I always have time to think when I'm out, miles from civilization, no people. Today, I thought about our world, how loud and busy it is. I thought about the native peoples who lived here, hunting and fishing in the silence of it all. WOW. No stupid phones. NO machines. No nothing except the wilderness.

    We screwed up as a race. We need to go back a few hundred years, maybe a few thousand years.


    It was a good hike!

    I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.

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    Nice pics. Glad you enjoyed your hike. And yes, way too much noise. Living in the bush, the bugs we're loud and you could hear a bird on the wing 1/4 mile away. I know exactly what you mean.



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      Great pics. I know you enjoyed the quiet time. One of the reasons I miss my grandparents homestead. It was away from everything. Peaceful and quiet.


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        I am very sorry you did not live on your grandparents place AJ



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          Beautiful pics, Buggy. I am insanely jealous. What a great way to start your day. I have always felt I was born a hundred years to late. I would have been much happier in a simpler time, and this world seems to be spiraling the wrong direction. You have found a great place to get away from it all.
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