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  • My Primary Cutting Tools

    My primary cutting tools & (2 secondary cutters) bacho laplander, small hand axe (new/unused), Mora 510, Case CV mini-trapper, BHK Frontier Valley necker/camp knife, BHK kephart style belt knife, and my SAK alox Farmer pocket tool. The Mora and the Case have moved to secondary cutters to be brought when needed, though it's hard not to bring them both as they are good knives.

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    That's a lot of steel!

    Is that all in your bag? Or do you carry them on your persons?

    I like BHK. I hear they are great knives. I was reading a review on the company. Dave Canterbury founder of the Pathfinder School said this:

    “A knife is the ultimate survival tool; it is the first item on the list of survival items I encourage people to carry, as it can create everything else in an emergency.”

    Good advice!

    I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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      I tote the SAK farmer in my pocket. The large BHK on my belt. The BHK neck knife and case trapper are in my belt pouch. The bacho and the axe are mounted on my rucksack. The mora is in my haversack. I'm gonna cut back to a belt knife, neck knife, and a pocket knife and see how that works. Of course, I'll still take my small axe (or machete) and the saw.


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        Well I finely did it my Randall is in my Grandsons (SEAL) hands off to the sand box. That makes 4 wars zones it has been to. So now I have to go back down to the main shop and talk to Jr. about making a replacement for it. Still going for the Number 7. It cost about $450.00. Why you ask I have cut my way out of one chopper that had crash landed with me in it. That knife cut thru the skin like butter!!!!! So when you have to have one better be sure it can do the job.

        Still like my Michigan Style full size axe (Meaning a 36" handle. I also have a (Bush axe) handle 24" more for camping and bugging out.


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          I live in hot weather fires are small. So as long as I can break up or bust up some wood, I don't need any big choppers. Probably do more site clearing than wood processing I hear ya on the knife....hope it brings the grandson much good fortune...!!