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  • Firesticks

    I am a newbie to this forum.
    I carry my Light My Fire army size firesticks.I find they work well.

    I tried the Coughlans magnesium block , but its too big to carry with EDC.

    I treat my firesticks with nail polish (clear colour) , to avoid any corrosion in any salt/wet atmosphere.

    What firesticks do other members have , and do you rate them?

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    I got some stuff recently in a "box" subscription my wife bought me. Haven't tried it yet but plan on it.
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      I have a few that I bought from wally world. They work good and are small with no weight so I can put them in my pocket if need be. My grandson loves starting a camp fire with them.


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        I get all mine from I find them to be high quality compared to many of the others.


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          Sorry Down south I think what you call fire sticks we call fat wood. If so I find my own in among the pine trees on a tree farm behind where I live.


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            Fatwood is tinder. Firesticks are the ignition source by means of creating a shower of sparks igniting your tinder which burn in excess of 3000 degrees. Also known as ferrocium rods.


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              Please post link to "fire stick".
              I google it and it comes up a movie thingy.

              thingy????? Well ya know what I mean.

              I carry MATCHES.
              Strike anywhere matches made water proof by dipping quickly in melted canning


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                Another source for mil surp and survival stuff.
                stuff = goodies


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                  Originally posted by OldCoot View Post
                  Fatwood is tinder. Firesticks are the ignition source by means of creating a shower of sparks igniting your tinder which burn in excess of 3000 degrees. Also known as ferrocium rods.

                  What's wrong with carrying a couple bic lighters?


                  in addition to survival fire starters of course.

                  If "it" isn't labeled "survivor" gear and costs 60% more than anything comparable then
                  it just can't be a real prepper item.


                  IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Bic and lighters of that ilk WILL NOT WORK in cold temps.
                  So carry the things in an inside pocket so body heat keeps 'em workin'.

                  Hey. No need to thank me or send cash.

                  "WE" the thoughtful, the ones smart enough to know that
                  IF the shtf we might be better prepared than the snowflakes
                  of this world.
                  We are smart enough to know that if something can go
                  wrong it probably will! :<(

                  I'd rather have "it" and not need it than need it and not
                  have it.

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                    Another thing about started a fire since this is a prepper/survivor site.

                    I read a story long ago about two well off doctors (aren't the all?) that leased
                    some land out west for hunting.
                    The two hunters were the ONLY two people on miles and miles of miles and miles.
                    Well not being very savvy they got good 'n lost.
                    They had little water, no food, and NO fire starting equipment.
                    Being as they had at least ten years of college you'd think they could make a life
                    saving fire for warmth and signaling for help.
                    The did have rifles and ammo.
                    Modern powder used in modern ammo isn't an explosive at all but a propellant.
                    Make a small pile (SMALL!) and lite it and it burns. It don't go swhoosh!
                    Black powder is an explosive and it will go SWOOSH.
                    Smokless makes an emergency fire starter.
                    Just take a loaded cartridge and lay in on a flat surface. Rock? Sure.
                    Peen the NECK lightly with another rock, hunting knife, etc.
                    The brass case neck will peen away from the bullet allowing the bullet to easily
                    be pulled out and the smokeless powder is yours to start a fire.
                    A spark will to it.
                    Elementary don'cha'know.

                    Can one use the now empty but primed cartridge case to start the fire?
                    Figger it out.


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                      Bic lighters are fine but it you have to bug out you need a way to refill the lighter. Not to mention flint. I have lighters and matches but I would not want to be without a fire starter when the matches and lighter lighter fluid ran out.


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                        Personal experience in sub zero temps. A bic will get you killed. Unless you can start a fire immediately and I mean the 1st couple of strikes the gas becomes so cold it will not create enough pressure for a solid flame. Not to mention at -10 + your fingers become cold to the point they barely function when out of your glove for a short period. For normal routine camping I carry one but if I am going into a extended camping trip in cold weather then it is matches and firesticks and the old standby zippo. I am sure there are those that will argue this but all I can say is "would you bet your life on a bic"


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                          I would not bet my life on a bic ergo carry strike anywhere matches I waterproofed.
                          Where I live a bic will work just fine even in the coldest Ohio winter.
                          I carry a bic inside a pocket close to my body heat thus it works as it should.
                          I'm not about to try and rub sticks to make a fire with cold fingers.
                          If it's too cold to flick a Bic it's too cold to rub sticks let alone fool with a fire bow.
                          Dip some 100% cotton balls in Vaseline for a waterproof quick fire starter.
                          I NEVER depend upon just one life saving item.
                          Fires to fishing, grub to guns.
                          I tend to back up my back up.
                          When I was a police officer I carried my primary handgun and a back up gun as well as
                          a good folding knife.
                          If I knew I was going into shtf I took the riot gun.


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                            I do carry a lighter, but not a bic! you cannot adjust the flame of a bic. You get what you get. I use scripto I also carry matches, mag starter and ferro rod. Surely all those combined with tinder I carry in my GHB I could start a fire,