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Paracord Belt and Fire Steel for EDC and wilderness use

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  • Paracord Belt and Fire Steel for EDC and wilderness use

    This is the last piece I needed for my minimalist kit (which I will do the final write-up on soon!) I made it from paracord and a hand forged piece of high carbon steel that acts as the belt buckle, a flint striker, and an awl.

    This is a great piece of EDC kit that gives a means of valuable tools in a stylish and easy way to carry.

    Here is the belt:

    The weave I used

    and my belt buckle/fire steel/awl

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    That is a cool piece of kit.


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      I like the buckle you make it yourself?
      You don't have to be perfect, but you better be smart!!!


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        I am truly impressed with your ingenuity. That is a great piece of gear. Mine would just have to be about 5 times as long. Where did you learn to do the weave, and how did you tie off the end? That looks like a very useful skill.
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          Looks as though you could use it as an awl also


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            Wow! What a great belt. I really like the buckle. Did you forge it yourself?

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