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How to tell direction without a compass

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    These are not 100% accurate but I didn't want to be repetitious and no one has mentioned these yet

    1) moss will generally grow faster on the NORTH side of trees
    2)ants "tend" to build on the south sides of trees

    The stick...shadow... watch...stars are much more accurate. I just thought these were fun and good to know.

    Please God! Dont let anyone mention needles/wire and silk :)
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      Here is a pic of the shadow method
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        If you do not have a magnetic compass make one with a sewing needle, a piece of cork and a glass of water. Rub the needle on your shirt for about 1 minute, Stick it through the cork so both ends are outside the cork. Place it in the glass of water. the needle will swing until it settles on magnetic north/south.

        Use the big dipper to point to the little dipper and find the north star. In the southern part of the world look for the southern cross to point south.

        At day break place a stick in the ground in the direction the sun came up. At noon place a stick at the location of the sun, do the same at night fall. It will give you all general directions, North South East and West.


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          Originally posted by no1woodwizar View Post
          Very good info. The way I tell direction in a shtf situation is, if I see or hear a large group of people I do not know or hear gun fire or explosions, I go the opposite direction.
          It may not set you off in a cardinal direction but it would probably be the best direction...
          Hmmm... been fearsome confused for a month or two, but I ain't never been lost!


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            my watch is digital?!?!? :p


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              Casio Pathfinder watch!...Enough said! Never need batteries...always correct time and compass works great! LOL - anyway, thanks for all the great info. Going to try some of them next time I'm in the woods.


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