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Best way to stay cool in hot weather

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    Originally posted by TennOutdoors View Post
    man I gotta find a link. but theres a cloth tube filled with some kind of chemical. that if you dip it in water and then tie it around your neck helps keep you cool. I used those alot during the 90's but lost mine.

    sadly i dont remember what they are called. but they work well.
    tapioca[/COLOR] the secret ingredient sewn in the tube......


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      Yeah, we are having a HUGE heat wave here in Chicago and pretty much all of the mid west this week.
      Hot and the worst part is the humidity. When it's humid it's soooooo much worse. It get's really humid in Chicago.
      If my power went out, and the air turned off, I would be forced to spend my days in the basement where it's nice and cool.
      If I didn't have a basement, well... I guess go to someones house that is cooler than mine.
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