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Past compeitors on alone have shown

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  • Past compeitors on alone have shown

    that they had frost on the stones of their fire place, while the flames were at full strength! So much for the fire heating the shelter! :-) The fire requires vent holes in order to keep from killing you with the smoke and the holes let out nearly all of your heat. So you do all that wood processing for almost no gain in warmth, plus you wasted a week of time and calories on the shelter. Duh. I can heat the 4 big rocks plenty hot enough in a half an hour and with them down in the pits, under my bedding, surrounded by ashes and a very sealed/insulated shelter, lots of warm clothing on, they'll heat me enough for 4+ hours.

    I can snuff the Alternative Swedish torch and the Siberian fire lay with ashes and reuse them several times. The charred areas re-ignite easily, using the coals that I''ve buried in the ashes. The Siberian requires no splitting of the wood. It doesn't matter if the wood is wet or green, either. The fire dries out the logs as the ends burn. The alternative Swede ignites theSiberian with little hassle. The Siberian does not require you to cut the logs any shorter than you can drag to your fire pit., either. So this is a MUCH more efficient, much safer system than having a fire inside of your shelter.

    If I choose or need to do so, I can just open the end flap of the shelter, tie the double layer of clear PEVA shower curtain across the end and "aim" the one way projected heat of the siberian at the PEVA. I dont need more than a 2-3 log Siberian fire lay, since I"m not trying to heat a wide area with it. As long as I"ve obtained the shoreline mud and gotten it to the shelter before it freezes hard, I can always heat the shelter enough to let me make pottery items. Naturally, I should do so ASAP, but it's not a disaster if the ground freezes before I've done so.