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you could do without the salt for the alone show

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  • you could do without the salt for the alone show

    but doing so endangers you and reduces your options/health. Being without salt puts you at risk of severe muscle cramps, and youll be constantly dehydrated. That weakens you and makes you prone to bad decisions and accidents. You might catch a lot of fish early enough and freezing weather COULD come late enough that you'll wish to hell you had the salt to help you preserve the fish. It'll be much easier to choke down 300 lbs of fish if you've got salt and salt will bait in big critters to arrow or trap. I"ll happily give up the axe and saw, and suffer thru 10% as much wood processing, in order to have the salt. By knowing how to make the debris/tarp shelter and debris-blanket, I not only dont need the sleeping bag, I dont need the axe/saw, cause I dont need 90% of the wood processing you'll have to do with your pee-poor shelter.