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5 easy ways to start a fire on Alone show without ferrrood.

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  • 5 easy ways to start a fire on Alone show without ferrrood.

    you can make a big pump drill in half a day, and then always be able to easily make friction fire. You can fire-roll a strip of your shemagh, using rust from your shovel as an accellerant. You can use the battery from the headlamp, some copper "snarewire", the duct tape, and lint scraped from your shemagh. You can use the flare, fired into a "posthole' that you've dug and stuffed with dry debris. Once you've got a fire, you can make ashed tinder and charred materials. Once you have those two aids, you can use any hard, sharp rock and the carbon steel knife blade to make fire. The ferrorod is a wasted pick. You can bury your coals in the ashes and only need to start a fire "from scratch" at most a half -dozen times in 100 days. Anyone who takes a ferrrod (and 69-70 HAVE done so, is inept. Ditto anyone who took a sleeping bag (every last one of them). When you're not moving, you've got lots of clothing layers and it's not really cold yet for a month or so, and you have 3 tarps, it's easy to contrive sleeping/shelter gear that makes the sleeping bag irrelevant. Anyone who has to have one under those conditions is inept.