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Crunch multitool needs complete re-working for the Alone show or BOB

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  • grumpygremlin
    most multitools are no more than a gimmick for the gadget hungry.

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  • registror
    I can have a real tool kit in the car or at home, so I dont regard the multitool as being of-value for normal life. Only if you're severely limited in what tools you can have are such tools of any real value. They are, by their nature, half assed good for a lot of things and not really good for any one thing. Sort of like the silenced shorty AR15 with the .22lr conversion unit. No, it's not as good as half a dozen longarms are, for their ONE thing, but it's acceptably good at half a dozen things and you can only carry ONE longarm and a BOB. Since you can't tell what you might need, you have to take the most versatile tool possible.

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  • Crunch multitool needs complete re-working for the Alone show or BOB

    the serrated SS knife, the file, the phillips, the two flathead screwdrivers, pointless. The visegrip jaws need to be narrowed to needle-nosed configuration at their very end, for re-shaping the ends of the big fishhooks, once you cut them in half for the Alone show. or other fine work. The knife blade needs to be carbon steel, regular configuration, so you can sharpen it with a rock. Make the tool able to be taken apart and re-assembled with your bare hands. The phillips and file blades need to be replaced with real-deal Nicholson files, a flat one and one that fits the saw teeth.. The end of the flat file needs to be a chisel-point. The medium flat head becomes a scoop-knife/gouge. The small flathead becomes an awl-drill, for making the mounting holes for the various longer, different configurations of shovel handle.