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could you create 8" of saw edge on a cold steel E-tool?

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  • could you create 8" of saw edge on a cold steel E-tool?

    First, heat up the shovel and use a hammer to flatten out a 2" flat on the side of the shovel that you want to have the saw teeth on. Then cut off the corner of the shovel with an angle grinder and use a straight edge to help you touch it up until that cut is dead-straight. Then you sand/buff off all of the paint, de-grease it, and use Dykem liquid blue to lay out the outline of the saw teeth, clamp the shovel in your vise and use a metal cutting blade in the angle grinder to rough out the teeth. Then a Dremel grinder with a cut off disk, rpm's turned way down, is used to nearly finish the teeth, and a file is used to touch them up. A hammer, drift punch and caliper is used to off set every other tooth in one direction, a set distance at the end of each tooth. Once you've got that, then you bend the remaining teeth the same distance in the other direction. Then you'll be able to cut an actual kerf in a hunk of wood, 2" deep. Cut such a kerf all the way around an 8" OD log or tree and you can break it off with your body weight. This is done to have a maximally effective tool for the Alone TV show, cause you only want to take this shovel and a modified Crunch mulittool, not the saw,, axe, multitool and belt knife. You only get to 10 items on the show, and you need 8 other things very much more than you need the other 2 tools.