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    Couintryguy, yep I have several Doc buddies and when Obama got his "plan" going several of them just hung it up and retired. You are right about getting treatment if you are in a bad way. Just last week we (Vol FD) ran a call where pedestrian was hit by a car. He was the worst I ever saw that was still alive and I understand he is still in danger of losing a foot and a leg.

    MRI, I think I had like four in six weeks for my spinal injury. Only problem is some of them were designed for folks that weight 180 lbs or less and I won't fit in those haha.

    Yep lots of folks come to states from Canada, get treated and go home.

    Even the Shah of Iran came here back in 70s before he was given the boot.

    UPDATE: 7/21/18 Removed one leg below knee. Guy is a teacher at local tech school last 18 years. He is still being kept sedated mostly. Still in ICU with no visitors. They called for a blood drive for him a couple days ago.
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      Originally posted by Hummer View Post
      Grumpy Gremlin, never met a English BS. .
      The Boy Scouts were started by Lord Baden Powell who was an Englishman during I think The Boer War.


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        Originally posted by grumpygremlin View Post

        The Boy Scouts were started by Lord Baden Powell who was an Englishman during I think The Boer War.
        AND.........Major FREDRICK RUSSELL BURNHAM, D.S.O. (who was American)

        Who's book, "SCOUTING on Two CONTINENTS" is a great read, and has served as a foundation of my Prepping/Survival planning.

        It was also during this war that two scouts of very different backgrounds, Burnham and Baden-Powell, would first meet and discuss ideas for training youth that would eventually become the plan for the program and the code of honor for the Boy Scouts.
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          Also Daniel C. Beard was a part of the origins in the US when he merged his organization, Son's of Daniel Boone with the fledgling BSA. You might know of one of Beard's books, The American Boy's Handy Book.His sister formed the Camp Fire Girls. He was also an artist and did illustrations for Mark Twain

          Here is a link in case anyone wants to know more.
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